The Pachamama Alliance

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Your concert ticket grants you entry into the Symphony Expo free. If you are attending the 2pm concert you may attend the Expo after the performance. If you are attending the 6pm concert you may attend the Expo before the performance.

Showcase the Austin EcoNetwork Green Business Leaders, creating an opportunity for immediate community access to "hands on" resources that can have a tangible impact on the health, energy efficiency and self-reliance of our community.

This "sip, taste and discover" party features some of Austin's finest restaurants and food purveyors offering complimentary tastes.

Meet the green businesses, food purveyors, environmental organizations, and government departments that are helping advance a healthy, self reliant, sustainability Austin community, creating "green" jobs and a "sustainable" "Buy Local" environment.

Fundraiser - Support "Austin Village Heroes"
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the SafePlace, Austin EcoNetwork, Urban Patchwork & One World Theatre Childrens Outreach Programs.

Whether you are attending the 2pm performance or the 6pm performance of Symphony Awakening, you are coordially invited to attend this amazing Austin EcoNetwork Expo. Your ticket for the show grants you access into the Expo for free where you can "sip, taste and discover." wonderful new foods, drink and ideas.

The Expo will be serenated by some of Austin's best local artists. Featured artists include great artists like Ryan DeSiato and Bob Slaughter. Don't be surprised if you even run into a Wombat.

To strengthen and accelerate the connection between the Austin community and the entrepreneurs, corporations, organizations and government entities that have taken a leadership position in providing resources, technology, products and services that would empower Austin citizens to live a healthy, self reliant, energy efficient, connected sustainable life style for themselves and their families.

To ignite a conversation among awakened, informed Austin citizens as too the possibilities of creating an environmentally sustainable, socially just and peaceful human presence on the planet and to showcase the "green" revolution already taking place right here in our own backyard. We live in amazing times, a new future is in our grasp.

Share information and resources to raise awareness/educate about green issues, activities, policies, and businesses

Encourage Austinites to take action, get involved, join, donate, and shop consciously and generally increase the adoption of sustainable practices for individuals, families, businesses and government

Increase civic & political dialogue and engagement around green issues and foster leaders and policies that advance sustainability

An old African saying is "it takes a village". Austin is brimming with Village Heroes who have rolled up their sleeves and said "we can make this thing work and here's how". This will be an amazing, fun and beneficial event for all.